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Garden Planning – Stage II

Stage II of the garden expansion project has begun!  We took a chance this past weekend and decided to start tilling the new section of earth beside our existing garden.  Garden SpaceIt was backbreaking work for my husband as this section of the yard was really packed down and never touched.  The 10 x 30 patch of earth took several runs of the tiller to break down, but after a couple of hours it was done.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the next few days, I’ll continue to rake out the large chunks of grass and begin to work in some compost that has wintered nicely.  This weekend’s task is to add the new fencing which will be a must.  Our property borders a wooded area where the deer love to bed and as much as I love the little critters, I’m not fond of them in my garden.

Although we’ll be replacing some of the raised beds in the existing garden, I have begun planting a few seeds in those that are salvageable.  The peas and onion sets were planted this week and I’ll continue throughout the week to add my garlic, cabbage, asparagus and cauliflower (the last two I’m trying for the first time this year).  I’ll also be starting some seeds indoors, which I’m about two weeks late on doing.  I’m not worried though with the longer cold spell we’ve had here in the Northeast.

The latter part of this week is looking gorgeous and I can’t wait to get outside and dig my fingers in the dirt; the perfect garden therapy!  Happy planting.

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