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Vegetable Garden Update 2015

Instead of trying to backtrack and create individual posts of the garden project update as I mentioned in the last “Update” post, I thought I’d just do a quick overview with pictures.

In the original section of the garden, we took out the old raised beds and created two larger ones.  I’ve been experimenting with square foot gardening in these new beds.

Next, we utilized the new garden addition for more tomatoes; we doubled (possibly even tripled) our tomato crop from previous years, in addition to beans, squash, peppers, and corn.

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After the harsh 2014/15 winter season, here in the Hudson Valley, I was delighted in late April to get the garden prepared for this season’s planting.  The day after the clean-up, a freak wind storm hit the area and mother nature took down a large tree that was one week away from being removed.  It landed dead center of the garden.  The new fencing was damaged, but thankfully nothing more.  garden damageIt took another few days work to cut and remove the tree and replace the fencing.  While we were replacing the fence, I convinced my husband that another 10′ x 20′ section on the other side of the garden would be a great addition for all of my sprawling vine plants, such as butternut squash, pumpkin, and watermelon.  He agreed!! (although I do think I heard some grumbling under his breath).  Thanks, honey!!

I’ve spent the past week getting most of my seeds and seedlings into the ground and here are some pictures of the very early NEW Spring garden.


Garden Gate
Garden Front

This is the garden entry with the new section to the right.

2015 New Addition 20'x10' Rear
2015 New Addition
20’x10′ Rear

 This is a rear view of the new section and existing raised beds.

So here’s to no more garden mishaps and on to a happy gardening season!

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  1. I’m on my 2nd year of square foot gardening. Since we rent, I don’t have much space, but we love the amount of food that we are able get out of it.

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