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Valley Adventure – The Stonecrop Gardens

 Yesterday, we spent a wonderful afternoon in yet another Hudson Valley gem – the Stonecrop Gardens; one of my 2015 Summer Bucket list items – exploring secret gardens.

Stonecrop Gardens

Stonecrop was the home of Anne & Frank Cabot and became a public garden in 1992.  It is located in the Mid-Hudson valley region, in the town of Cold  Spring, NY.  It’s 12 acres comprise of several types of gardens including woodland, water, cliff rock and an English-style flower garden, to name a few.  The history of the garden is quite interesting, so be sure to check out their website.

As we entered the main drive, we were greeted with the most breathtaking view, at its 1,100 foot elevation.

 The garden is also home to The Therapeutic Equestrian Center, which provides therapeutic and recreations riding for physically and developmentally disabled children and adults.

The Therapeutic Equestrian Center at Stonecrop Gardens
The Therapeutic Equestrian Center at Stonecrop Gardens

Meandering through the charming woodland paths, we found a variety of plants and shrubs suitable for this zone 6a climate. I hope you enjoy the photos of this beautiful hideaway.


We spent several hours exploring, but you could easily make this a day trip, and could be visited several times throughout the season to see the variety of different flowers.  There was a nice space, as you entered, to bring your own picnic lunch or enjoy their tea, lemonade, and cakes. I found the area to be a great place to bring kids to learn and explore.  They would need to be supervised as the area has open pools and ponds, as well as uneven and rocky ground.  Definitely wear sneakers or hiking boots – no sandals here!

Thumbs up for Stonecrop!

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