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GOT DIRT? Easy Breezy Composting

Composting is free, easy to make and good for the environment – I’ve been doing it for years.  Up until a week ago, I’ve taken grass clippings, coffee grinds, egg shells, and scraps from fruits and vegetables and dumped it into a pile behind my garden.  Now that we have a few chickens, I also included the coop poop.  Every couple of weeks I toss it with the pitch fork and wait for nature to do it’s magic and create a nutrient-rich humus for my garden.

I found some pallets that were in great condition and gave them to my husband to work his magic for me.  Voila!  Here, he created three bins so that there’s always one active pile, one that’s processing, and one to hold our black gold.   The bins aren’t completely done yet – there’s still slats to be added to the fronts to hold everything in.

If you’re looking to get started with composting, I found Earth Easy to be a great source of information – and you can always contact your local cooperative extension.


4 thoughts on “GOT DIRT? Easy Breezy Composting”

  1. I need one of these. Years ago when we lived out of town, I kept a pile behind the garage. Now we must be more civilized so I have a small plastic bin, which is impossible to turn and hard to put dirt into. I need one like you have shown. Perhaps we will build one this winter in the shop and use it next summer behind the old shed where no one will see it. Great idea!! And wonderful husband to put it together for you.

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