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Our Sister, Our Angel

The tapping of little feet on the church pew coupled with a fussy baby was just about all my heart and head could take as I tried desperately to attend a weekday Mass. 

Being that weekday Mass was less crowded and a little shorter, I thought this would be a good way to introduce my kids to church and to try and grow a little bit more in my own faith. Not an easy task as a young mom. Just as I began to pack up my things to quietly slip out of one of the rear pews, gentle hands reached over to hold the baby freeing my hands for my toe tapping toddler. 

This is when I first met Sally. Sally and her dear friend mother Grimes were the gentle hands of Christ that reached out to me that day, and for another thirty years to follow. Her gentle loving spirit guided me through the early years of my marriage and motherhood, the challenges of raising children, spiritual doubts, and recently our empty nest. She never missed an opportunity to let me know she was praying for my family. And if she caught me having a bad day, she would always take the time to sit beside me with her hand upon mine and ask how she could pray for me. 

My heart broke when I entered church Saturday night to learn that she had passed away the night before. The woman whose face I greeted every time I entered church would no longer be there. 

Sally’s life will be forever etched on my heart. It will challenge me to ask “Am I taking every opportunity to be Christ to others?” Every simple act of love and kindness, every gentle word spoken can change someone else’s life forever. 

My sister in Christ, my angel in heaven – continue to pray for us, now in God’s army. Rest in the arms of Christ now Sally. You are so very loved!

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  1. Beautifully written my dear disciple! Sally is still with you reaching out wither prayer and loving spirit helping and directing you and your family from the gate of heaven.

    My Blessings & Prayers, Deacon Enrico

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