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Writers Block or Waiting With Wonder?

Sometimes writers block comes from not being authentic; trying to write about things that are trendy instead of what’s stirring inside our soul. Doubt gives way to voices that we allow to take a seat in our head and before you know it the conversation that we’re not good enough or important enough snuggles up right beside it.  Our thoughts are no longer our own but those that have to fit inside a box that others deem as important.  Those thoughts travel from our head to our fingertips and suddenly we freeze and nothing comes out.  Self-confidence is lost.  Is it writer’s block or wonder in the waiting?

Anyone who desires to write has this tug-of-war within to share what’s important to them.  It is our way of leaving a piece of ourselves with others.  There are some, that share the wealth of knowledge they’ve gleaned over the years with others.  Then there are those of us who have tripped and fallen and want to share what that looked and felt like.  Perhaps it’s the clumsiness or messiness that gets revealed that exposes too much to share with the world, or that the mundane isn’t worthy enough for print.  But why wouldn’t it be – didn’t God form these thoughts to start with?

When writing authentically, we realize God is already there, in the midst of the messiness and mundane. The story reveals a message to either the writer or the reader, but either way His message is being heard, not ours.  A depth of truth is revealed in His perfect time to those whose ears need to hear it.  Most often, it is my own ears that need to hear the thought written in black and white.  It finds its place on a blank tablet, there for my eyes to see and my heart to reckon with.   The response from others is an added bonus; a touch of support from others who have been there or a sigh of relief that they’re not alone in their thoughts or experiences. That is when you realize the thought has now turned to an assignment, directed by God Himself.

When there is no movement, we embrace the wonder in the wait.  Trusting that He is moving within us giving us what we need to find the rest, peace, or creativity our souls need. More important than our dream is our desire to serve God. If He calls us, He won’t abandon us, as long as we’re responding to His assignment in our life.

Sowing Sunday living in a weekday world.

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2 thoughts on “Writers Block or Waiting With Wonder?”

  1. Thanks for sharing these words of inspiration Linda. I’ve been struggling to find my muse lately. I finally decided that I’m going to give up my newspaper column and focus my efforts on my Christian blog. My job as a technical writer in computer security is enjoyable, but writing for my blog is a real blessing for me. I hope at least a few of my blog followers are blessed by it as well.

    1. Thank you for your reply Zachary. Congratulations on stepping out and focusing on your Christian blog. God has a plan for you and you are responding in obedience! I know I’m blessed by your blog!

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