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DIY Valentine Decor

After years and years of collecting holiday decor, we are clearing out!  I wish I knew then what I know now about decorating.  When we got married, I brought along every little knick-knack item from my childhood as well as hand-me-downs from family members and their closet clean-outs. But if you enjoy DIY projects, creating holiday decor doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of your storage space.  Today, I want to show you one simple DIY Valentine project that cost a few bucks to make with things I had on hand.

After I perused Pinterest for some ideas, I searched the house for items I already had on hand and was able to create these items for under $10.  I grabbed a couple of picture frames that were just lying around and with a little bit of paper, burlap, and embellishments, I made two little frames that sit on my fireplace mantle.  I cut a few hearts out of some wood I had sitting around, added a little paint, jute, and jewels and added them to the display areas around the house.

I also have friends that enjoy DIY projects and in the past we’ve gathered all of our misfit craft supplies for an afternoon of fun and friendship.  Everyone seems to have something that someone else could use to complete a new project or an opportunity to learn something new from one another.



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