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Media Monday 2021

Media Monday – I Can Just Be Me

Release! The moment I physically experience letting go of control and trusting that God has my life already worked out. This is the moment, I can just be me.

Life has a way of keeping us so busy that somewhere along the way, we lose sight of who we are; whose we are. We seek to find ourselves in our family, our friends, our job and begin to measure our worth by the world’s standards.

Barriers are set in place as a protective mechanism to ease the uncertainty the world brings and little by little, we control the rising wall around us. Hasn’t this past year often felt like that? Our fears and disappointments want to keep us walled in, thinking that our protection can be controlled by us. God wants to Father us, protect us, guide us to a life of peace and freedom. Are we trusting Him? Are we releasing it all to Him?

Getting to the Root of Change and helping you LOVE the season of life you’re in.
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