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Media Monday 2021

I’ve nothing to fear, lord, you make me brave!

As morning peeks through the crack in the curtains awakening me, my mind, like a skipped record, repeats the song verse ‘You make me brave’ over and over again. I rub my sleepy eyes and begin my day. A few hours later, I return to make my bed and open the curtains, and the song verse returns. I stop and realize these are the little messages I must learn to pay attention to. So, I pull up the song and sit quietly with its words and let them soak into me along with the morning sun.

For the past six years, I’ve likened my walk in life to that of waves crashing over me. I wrote about it in a previous post. Waves that fiercely push, one after another, so quickly that I cannot catch my breath.

I’ve always loved the ocean, yet to many’s surprise, I don’t like to be in it. As a youngster, I have memories of an immediate sense of panic that overcame me the second the water reached my throat – waves or no waves. It was anything but relaxing. Life has felt that way these past few years. One event after another trying to pull me under, fiercely kicking my feet below, just trying not to get pulled under. The sheer exhaustion of it all caused me to fall back and simply float through this past year. Motionless…..just waiting…….but for what, I did not know.

Even with my activity level slowed to a halt, my mind was still a hampster wheel of thoughts. Bedtime must be the only time God can gently wrap His loving arms around me and whisper – “Hey, I’m right here”.

In the quiet, with only the words of this song, I hear

I’ve heard You calling me

I’ve heard the song of love that You sing

So I will let You draw me out beyond the shore into Your grace

You Make Me Brave, Amanda Cook

What? Lord, beyond the shore? Beyond the point where I feel safe? But you know I’m afraid out there…

and He gently whispered,

No fear can hinder the promises I’ve made!

These Lenten Affirmations are reminding me of all the promises God has made to me. All the places that He is present and by my side. I respond,

Yes, Lord, You make me brave! You make me brave! You call me out beyond the shore into the waves.

With His rod and His staff, He comforts me. My strength is in God alone.

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