When life turns you inside out, is your first prayer to ask God to change your circumstances? I know that’s often what my prayers look like.

It’s been one of those months….again! July was bookended with two hospital stays for my mom and pneumonia for my dad. We were all moving at a pace that didn’t leave much time for planning. I found myself asking God to give me clarity of mind to take the next step.

Day by day, I shifted from housekeeper to cook to care giver for each of my parents. Pushing down any fear or worry and just doing what needed to be done in the moment.

In moments of overwhelm it’s easy to ask God to change our circumstances. To change the outcome and to just make life easy. This weeks Media Monday by Micah Tyler shares how we can ask God to change us, not our circumstances, so that we can handle the things we are walking through. This is where our strength lies; where our dependence and trust in God comes from.

Change doesn’t have to be scary. God has set our hearts aside to be different. Empty us Lord of our fears and worries and fill that space with your spirit of trust.

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