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MEDIA MONDAY | Joy Comes, Tears Fall

Joy Comes, tears fall, I’m learning there is beauty in it all. These are the words that catch my heart with today’s Media Monday. One of our dearest friends passed away just less than a month ago and I found JOY in his passing. Despite this being one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life, God opened my eyes to see the joy He promises us in scripture.

With hope upon hope we prayed for his healing, but with each passing day his suffering grew. I’d look into the eyes of his wife and kids and my heart nearly broke in two. There seemed to be nothing I could do. These are moments when we look up to heaven and cry out “WHY”. These are the moments that have to be accepted as mystery, trusting in the promises of God and knowing that His will is always better than our wishes.

With each and every prayer, the joy God speaks of began to grow – I simply had to look with His eyes. Amidst the heartache, I saw the power, of the family of Christ, God gave us for moments such as this. We leaned upon one another for strength. We hugged. We held on. We laughed and we cried. Together, like Simeon, we held eachothers’ cross and lightened the pain.

God is Good – Francesca Battistelli

Joy comes, tears fall. I’m learning there is beauty in it all. It’s not hard to find it, you just have to look. God is good!

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2 thoughts on “MEDIA MONDAY | Joy Comes, Tears Fall”

  1. Sometimes, God uses situations in our life to make us acutely aware of our need for Him. It amazes me how things in my life have brought me back to God and conversing to Him about my joys, fears and tears really has helped me. The song was beautiful. We also have to look at what is good and beautiful.

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