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Getting to the ROOT of Change


What does it take to go all in?

Do you feel like life these days is calling us to step out of this middle ground? Apathy seems to be the position we take around religion, politics – heck, just about anything these days. Our voice is trapped. Our opinions are silenced because we don’t want the confrontation OR we cannot defend or define our own beliefs.

I found myself taking that road for a long time, yet when I began to quiet myself, I found that along with that place of “comfort”, I’d lost my light. I lost the very fire that drives all I do and believe in my life. Without that compass, how do I live out my gifts and strengths?

I heard the words to this song and asked myself – “what would change if I went all in”? What am I afraid of? Who would I lose?

Why is it that fear of others’ opinions mold us and shape us? Why do we allow the very gifts and beliefs we hold inside to be the first to be extinguished?

It is with reckless abandon I give myself freely to Christ as He takes me on an adventure of a lifetime.

All In – Matthew West

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